There is something magical about the innocence and joy of childhood; from the gaze of a parent into their newborn baby’s eyes, that special interaction between siblings, and the expression of wonder or sheer joy on a toddler’s face. This is what we will capture together, family photographs that will last for generations – treasured by you, your children and perhaps even their children too.

Where will the shoot take place?

You’ll chose locations and activities you love – home baking, hide and seek, building a sand castle, paddling your feet (maybe even for the first time), rustling through leaves, flying a kite, a walk to the park and a picnic – just enjoying being together as a family which celebrates real life. I’ll be there to observe and document your time together, creating honest, meaningful images.

Preparing for the shoot

At the time of booking, I’ll send you some guidance notes so you get the best from our time together, which will include tips on what to wear – although in the main it’s just important that you are comfortable and that you come prepared to be you! Then, we’ll have a consultation about a week before your shoot via Skype or telephone, to talk through your ideas and make sure we get the most out of the experience for you all. If you are having a Day in the Life shoot, I’ll ask for a rough outline of your day and timelines.

After the shoot

About 2 weeks after your session, your images will be availble to view on line via a password protected gallery.  If you are purchasing your images, I will upload them to Dropbox and share the folder with you so you are able to download and share.  I offer a range of beautiful hand made, fine art albums and contemporary frames.

Thinking of a new born shoot?

newborn family photography

If you want to capture the wonderment of having this new person in your lives, be it a first child or an addition to your family, then i’d suggest capturing this precious time within the first couple of weeks.  It’s best to make contact a couple of months before the birth of your baby to plan a session.   My preference is to capture a true reflection of you as a family.  As a parent myself, I appreciate and understand the choas and tirdeness that can come with bringing your new baby home but being able to capture all of the beauty also is the most wonderful gift you can give to yourselves.  Something to treasure over the years.  Let’s have a chat to discuss some option, i’d be delighted to hear from you – please contact me here.