How lovely it was to meet up with Hannah and Dan to meet their new arrival Evie for their newborn family photo shoot.  Evie was a sleeping beauty for most of the time we were together. In my view, this was not an issue at all and is totally expected for a baby of 5 weeks old! What was important was to capture the bond and love they share as new parents.  From experience, I know that being new to parenting brings a whole range of emotions from joy and elation to exhaustion and frayed nerves!  Ultimately though, there’s pure love, like none other.

Hannah and I had spoken before the shoot to discuss what plans they had for the 3 hours we were going to be together. This also gave me an opportunity to explain in more detail how I approach these slice of life documentary photography sessions. We began the shoot at their home and then ventured out with Dan’s brother and sister-in-law in some stunning woodland near their home in Tonbridge, Kent. We were so lucky with the weather and temperature, it was glorious.

Hannah and Dan had pre-warned me that they were not great fans of being photographed but it was important to them that they could capture Evie whilst she was still so tiny.  The beauty of this style of photo session is that there’s no awkward posing.  I just ask families to be themselves.

Thank you, Hannah and Dan, for putting aside any camera phobia and entrusting me to observe your new family life together! x

Here’s the wonderful feedback they gave me…

“Catherine, the photos you took of our new family are absolutely stunning! Between one sleeping baby and two camera shy (and knackered!) parents, I was a little anxious that there wouldn’t be much to capture – but I was so wrong. You’ve done such a beautiful job; we adore the photographs and will treasure them forever. You captured some of Evie’s little mannerisms; the way she stretches, her little yawn and that gummy smile – things that I’m sure she’ll outgrow in the blink of an eye – so perfectly. How on earth you managed to catch everything, I’ll never know! All of those fleeting little looks, smiles and movements… just magic. You’ve given us more than beautiful photos. These photographs are the first of us as a family; something for us all to look back upon when Evie is older, to remember how small she was, and those early days when we were still navigating our new roles as her mum and dad. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts xx”