What an incredible year it’s been for family photography in Jersey, my family home, and in the UK. Thank you to all the families who invited me into their family life and entrusted me to observe and record what unfolded in front of me. I’m driven to create a body of work which is a true reflection of a family. I love capturing relationships between siblings; parents and the wonderment of their newborn; grandparents getting involved in everyday life. All things which we just take for granted, but if we stopped and were able to look back at a single frame where there’s a connection between your loved ones, how amazing! The little, seemingly insignificant, nuisances.

One of my all-time favourite photos of my son is where my mother had wrapped my son in a towel after he’d been swimming and he snugged in beside her to keep warm. He would only have been about three I’m guessing, but they have such a close relationship, and that photo speaks to me. It was a beautiful moment of intimacy and calm.

As a family photographer in Jersey and the UK, it’s important to me that I continually hone my skills and strive to improve my photography. A couple of years ago, I became a member of the prestigious Family Photojournalist Association. They are an international directory of documentary and reportage family photographers that use a ‘Day in the Life’ approach. It’s a huge honour to now be ranked in the top 5 Family Photojournalist Association in England (FPJA – you can see my profile¬†here) and Top 50 internationally. I’m delighted to have been awarded several awards in 2019 and to be amongst hundreds of talented, creative photographers worldwide which makes it extra special when I receive awards for my images.

I’m intrigued to see what 2020 brings: it’s shaping up to be a busy, exciting year!¬† I’ve put together a short slideshow of some of my favourite images from 2019.

If you are someone who is interested in meaningful, authentic family photography, I’d be delighted to hear from you, so please do get in touch here.